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yassen network for transmitting news and information to the Arab world through multiple media,including radio television,

computers of all kinds and mobile phones of all kinds.

Independent opinion polls have proven that Yassin's viewers and listeners consider him the most credible, honest and objective in the world
, in addition to his solid reputation for the quality of service provided, and this made the acquisition of Yassin's website, which provides wide-ranging services
, high levels of trust among the public.

Yassin is the largest media service launched in the English language, and it has continued its development until it became one of the leading media stations in the world.

Yassin broadcasts accurate and unbiased news, information based on experience and in-depth analysis.

It places the listeners’ interests and needs at the center of its immediate and long-term action plans.


yassen need many resistances in life to reach the top

, including excellence, creativity, giving, achievement and success

, and all of this would make a person a different person, and the best role model in life for those who wanted to rise to the top and succeed.

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