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Google honors Dr. kamal ranadive on her 104th birthday, by designing a new logo for her

The world celebrates the birth of the wonderful world, kamal ranadive via Google:

* Born on November 7, 1917, in the village of Pune, India, Kamal Ranadive is known for her dedication to helping create a fairer society through her groundbreaking cancer research.

*When Kamal Ranadive was a researcher at the International Committee of the Red Cross “Indian Cancer Research Centre”, she obtained her Ph.D., studying cytology.

*Kamal Ranadive completed her studies in at Jones University Baltimore, then returned to India and proceeded to implement the country’s first tissue culture laboratory.

*Dr. Kamal Ranadive is one of the first cytology researchers to find a link between women’s breast cancer and genetic factors.

*Kamal ranadive has challenged the link between types of cancer and some viruses.
It also developed the leprosy vaccine: the bacteria that cause leprosy.

*Dr. kamal ranadive founded the “Indian Women Workers Association” along with her colleagues in order to provide assistance and support to women in scientific fields.

Kamal ranadive encouraged women and men students and workers to return to India to serve and advance their society, and the pioneering doctor in the field of cancer retired in 1989, and went to work in Maharashtra, India, “a rural community to educate women in the field of health education.”

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