Who is Emmett Till?


Emmett Till was murdered on August 28, 1955 (aged 14).
On Monday, December 7, 2021, the US Department of Justice said it is ending the investigation into the crime.
After he was kidnapped and tortured, some witnesses said he assaulted a woman in Mississippi.

* This decision came out after the meeting that took place between the head of the civil rights department in the ministry and some other officials with several of Till’s relatives.

*Family members were disappointed by this decision
Caroline Bryant Dunham (the woman whom Till was accused of touching) will not be held accountable for the crime.

* Emmett Lewis claims he was born on (July 25, 1941) and died on (August 28, 1955).
*Till was African American and the age when he was wrongfully tried, executed and tortured, was 14 years old.
* He was executed without trial and never illegal, and this event was in Mississippi, in 1955, after he was accused of insulting a white woman in her family’s grocery store.

* The brutality of his murder of a 14-year-old boy, and the fact that his killers were acquitted, drew public attention to the history, causes, and identity of Till himself.

Learn about the accident:

Emmett Till was visiting relatives near Mississippi, in the Mississippi Delta.
Till spoke with then-21-year-old Caroline Bryant, married to a simple grocery store owner.

Although the events at this grocery store are disputed, Till was accused of flirting with Bryant or whistling to her, as it was called.

Till unfortunately interacted with Bryant and did not know the consequences of it, perhaps inadvertently, violating the unwritten rules of conduct in Jim Crow – Era South.

Several nights after the event, Bryant’s husband, Roy, and his half-brother JW Milam, armed with weapons, went to kidnap Till.

– Indeed, they went to the house of Till’s elder uncle, and the kidnapping took place.

They took Till away and beat him until his face was disfigured, then shot him in the head and then dumped his body in the Tallahassee River. .

– Three days later, the crime was discovered by the corpse and retrieved from the river.

The two men, Roy Bryant and his brother JW Milam, were tried for the murder of Till about a month after his murder, but a Mississippi jury acquitted them.
It is said that months later, they admitted in a paid interview that Bryant had married Dunham.

Some of Till's burial in the open coffin
Some of Till’s burial in the open coffin


In 2004 the Ministry of Justice opened an investigation, based on claims that it would bring charges against anyone still alive.
In February 2007 the Ministry of Justice closed the case.
Accordingly, Bryant and Milam were never brought to trial again, and both are now dead.
A report was filed in June 2021 and indicated that the administration is still investigating the kidnapping and murder case of Till.

And the matter ended with closing the case, as we mentioned to you at the beginning.

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