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What we know about search for Kiely Rodni 11 days

search for Kiely Rodni

What we know about search for Kiely Rodni 11 days
What we know about search for Kiely Rodni 11 days

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What we know about search for Kiely Rodni 11 days, The search for missing California teen Kelly Rodney continued Tuesday, as authorities try to piece together her last moments before disappearing more than a week ago from a camp party.

Investigators plan to wind down the search for Kiely Rodni as 11 days have passed since she was last seen at a camping party in Truckee, California — and there’s still no sign of her 16-year-old or missing car.

After this week, the agencies working on the case will form a task force to share any new information, said Placer County Detective Josh Barnhart.

Where can Kiely Rodni be found?

Agencies will turn off investigative advice instead of having multiple people working on the case on an ongoing basis.

She was last seen at 12:30 am with over 100 people.

She had texted her mother that she was on her way home, but no one had seen her since.

Her 2013 Silver Honda CRV has yet to be located.

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Kelly was seen about six hours before her disappearance at a local company in Truckee, the rural California town near Lake Tahoe where she had been living.

Authorities didn’t say what store she was in, but showed her in a black spaghetti strap suit, green Dickies pants, and black trucks.

A few hours later, she’s headed to the party in Tahoe National Park, where she’s driving in a Honda SUV.

Then around 11:30, she texted her mom and said she’d be leaving the party in 45 minutes and coming home.

The investigation included multiple searches of the Prosser tank in water, air, and on foot by hundreds of law enforcement agents, including the FBI.

Volunteers also searched for nearby Prosser Reservoirs, Buca Reservoirs, and Stampede.

“Our research is ongoing, and we’re doing everything we can to move things around in a positive way,” said Nevada County Sheriff Sam Brown.

He encouraged people to look for anything that could lead to information about the missing valedictorian, who graduated from Truckee Charter High School in June.

He said that even volunteers searching in areas vetted by law enforcement can yield different results.

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