We are deeply saddened by the loss of Wendy Chabert, sister of Lacey Chabert, at the age of 46

Star Lacey Chabert was devastated by the death of her sister Wendy as she revealed when she revealed her sister’s death at the age of 46
She says her heart was shattered into a million pieces by the shock and grief over her beautiful sister Wendy.

_Lacey Chabert’s family has experienced the sudden loss of older sister Wendy.
_Lacey Chabert announced her sorrow and grief for what she lost, and published the news of her death on her Instagram.

_And she shared a picture of her, her sister, and Bendy while she was in the first grade, “We love you and adore you more than we can express, and we will continue to do so forever.”

_And Lacey Chabert continued, talking about how despondent she and the family are for the beautiful sister Wendy, and her departure left them deeply saddened and that life would not go on normally without her.

_She emphasized that she would stick to the promises of Jesus that he received in eternal life to preserve the family.
I also asked the audience to remember our dear Wendy and not to forget her in their prayers.

_Wendy Chabert, 46, lives in Texas with her two sons, and is said to have been going through a divorce process from her husband, Shane, before her death, whom she had previously filed in 2010 and 2017, at which time the two ended up separating.

_But so far, no details about the cause of death have been shared.

_Lacy’s fellow celebrities and Hallmark representatives were quick to offer condolences and share her grief.

For example:
_Candice Cameron Bure wrote, “Lassi, we pray for you, your family, and Wendy’s family. We love you always for you, my sweet friend.”

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