Victoria Triece

Victoria’s response to the dismissal decision

Victoria Triece responded in a press conference to what was reported by the media about her participating in the voluntary program for her children at school: Since she had children, she has been seeking to take care of them, whether at home or at school. As for what is said about her page on the communication sites, Victoria Triece said: This is a small part of my work and it is not an obstacle towards Taking care of her children, and affirming her right to help her children inside and outside the home.

She is also threatening to file a lawsuit worth a million dollars against the council, as she made it clear that she did not appear inappropriately at school, but rather wears appropriate clothes at school, unlike what she wears in her video and photos on that page.

The decision to dismiss the volunteer program in the primary school for its children

Victoria Triece received a decision banning her from joining the school’s volunteer program, which is surrounded by her two-year-old and five-year-old children, and that she is no longer able to provide assistance at school with parents, after getting to know her pages on the social networking sites and watching her content, and that decision was It stems from the fact that what you offer is not suitable for children, and its part is a safeguard against children not imitating it.

Victoria Triece is an OnlyFans and Instagram celebrity. She has a page called Victoria Snooks, and she has more than 100,000 followers.

The content offered by Victoria Triece is classified as free adult content, which is not suitable for children.

In this way, Victoria Triece was in trouble at this time because of the content she provided, as she caused controversy in her children’s school.

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