Trey Songz Accused of New Raping Woman in $20M

Trey Songz Accused of New Raping Woman

Trey Songz Accused of New Raping Woman in $20M
Trey Songz Accused of New Raping Woman in $20M

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A new lady has hit up Song with a $20 million sexual attack case, claiming he raped her at his domestic on March 24, 2016.

The unidentified lady stated she to start with had a consensual dating with the singer however Songz have become a “brutal rapist”.

He stated within the lawsuit, as I referred to with the aid of using a compound.

A lawsuit against Trey Songz

6:01 p.m. PT – In a revised announcement, a Trey consultant stated:

“Earlier today, the lawyer who drafted this lawsuit became charged with trying to pay a lady to falsely Trey.

Hours later, the identical lawyer filed this lawsuit on behalf of an nameless client .
It’s now no longer tough to look what is happening here, and it is a disgrace for the actual sufferers of sexual attack.

The alleged victim, defined as “Jane Doe” in courtroom docket files acquired with the aid of using Page Six, is seeking $20 million in damages.

Court files kingdom that she claimed she sought and obtained instant emergency hospital therapy .

after the accident, which she claims befell in the course of a celebration in West Hills, California.

The plaintiff alleges that Songs, whose actual call is Tremaine Neverson, became a “brutal rapist” as quickly as they entered the bedroom.

In a announcement published to Instagram on January 11, she Trey with the aid of using his start call, Tremaine Neverson.

and advocated mentioned sexual attack sufferers

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