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A sudden shift from the sounds of happiness to the sounds of sadness.

The concert was on Friday evening in Houston, and while Scott was singing, the audience rushed forward towards the stage, causing the deaths of at least 8 people, including children, and many injured, so the singing party based on entertainment and recreation turned into a place to discover a crime that was not The main cause of it is clear so far, despite rumors circulating about the cause of the tragic accident.

Scott, the rapper, said on Twitter that he was upset with what happened at the party and consoled the families of the victims, and said that he was devastated by what happened on the night of the concert.

Among the victims of the Astroworld accident was a 10-year-old boy. The matter became very tense, especially with the owners of the Astroworld family responsible for the party.
They said that they are very sad towards the families of the innocent victims and that they are heart and soul with the officials to know the causes of the accident in detail.

Travis Scott performs during the 2021 Astroworld Festival at NRG Park in Houston, Texas.

Rapper Travis Scott

Travis Scott is 30 years old and is an American rapper, best known for his album “Astroworld” in 2018.
Travis Scott’s performance is classified as a mixture of rap and hip-hop.

What does Astroworld mean؟

Astroworld is the name of the album that Travis Scott became famous for, and then threw this name on the annual Coral, which is held in Houston, and Travis Scone talked about Astroworld and that it is a dream for him that he wants to achieve.
In the end, Astroworld switched from the singing Astroworld to the crying Astroworld for the lost loved ones.


It is the home of Travis Scott who grew up in, and it is the city where Scott used to go as a child’s amusement park and named his album Astroworld after it closed in Houston 2005, which is the headquarters of the festivals.

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