Greg Tate, Who He Is, His Life, His Business, His Death.


Influential hip-hop journalist and critic Greg Tate, who was instrumental in documenting the early days of hip-hop music, has died at the age of 64.

Greg Tate has always chronicled music and hip-hop in particular with the intense cult spirit of sacred ritual.
* Greg wrote many writings, for example: In The Village Voice in 1988, he said: “Hip-hop is the worship of ancestors.”
* Reading Tate of a rebellious nature from his peers in the same field was a revelation, both at that time and through the years to our time.
* Greg Tate was a writer who celebrated all forms of music, in all musical eras that Tate lived in.
* This is why the news of his death hits hard today.

* Greg Tate was distinguished in his criticism until he became a giant cultural critic, and he was an influential element on music and inspiring many and many.
He took all kinds of music seriously, linking in the minds of listeners between hip-hop music and other likes (jazz, rock, blues…).

* Tate treated criticism as an art to strive for and enjoy, and he also knew how to do justice to listening spells.

* Greg Tate associated the new rappers with jazz masters such as:
Rakim as Miles.
KRS One as Sonny Rollins.
Chuck Dee as Crazy Coltrane.
Hip-hop music was shining and louder at the time, and it was growing and developing with new, wild innovations week after week.
* Tate was at that time familiar with all this and that and was putting it all in the most familiar intellectual context.

* Greg co-founded the alliance called BlackRock.
* Greg Tate also put a work for him as one of his greatest successes, which is his vocal review in 1985 for the album called (Artists United Against Apartheid Sun City).
* He did not see boundaries between jazz, free metal, rap and punk, he always wanted to break those boundaries and reach for the sky, whether in his writings about: Dylan, Hendricks, Nirvana, Basquiat, or Public Anime.

* Tate was unique in his field, and few writers tried to get close to him, in terms of the ability to rush, break barriers, look to music and slip under its spell.
*In 2015, Greg Tate reviewed Kendrick Lamar’s Rolling Stone superbly.

*Greg Tate was always a warrior to create the best in order to please the burgeoning heart, which is why Tate was so loved by his readers, listeners, and students.

* The giant “Greg Tate” has always been in keeping with the requirements of the times, what an inventive one. And what a creative mind. And what an inspiring one. And what a great loss.

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