The decline of American football in Texas

It seems that the Texans have slipped into a very late stage in American football, in other words, “it hit rock bottom.”

In his match against Kansas, the score was 57-56 at home, in overtime.
And this defeat was after a series of results that reached 5, so is it the problem of Steve Sarkissian’s coach or what?
When reporters asked Steve Sarkissian: Did his players sign off?
He replied, “I don’t know, you can interrogate  ,them.Ali stressed that the team has great leaders.

American football players celebrated in Kansas for their surprise victory on November 13 against Texas, who also lost after Bo Davis, “the defensive line coach,” was caught yelling at his team on the bus.
Sarkissian said after this happened that this matter and others will be dealt with internally.


The Texas football team will be looking forward to collecting its pieces
Consisting of 5 games next Saturday in West Virginia.
He will need to beat the Mountaineers and then also need to win at Kansas State at the conclusion of the regular season to qualify.
With Saturday’s loss to Kansas, Texas Football now needs to win their final two games to become bowl eligible
Will they get the job done?
If they can’t defeat Kansas, what will they do in the game when they play Alabama and Georgina?
It’s very dangerous…

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