Susana Dusamantes died

Susana Dusamantes died of pancreatic cancer
Susana Dusamantes died of pancreatic cancer

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Mexican actress dies Susana Dosamantes dies of pancreatic cancer, Singer Paulina Rubio, mother, aged 74.

Susanna Dusamantes was a famous and talented actress who lost her life on the 2nd of July without giving more details about her death.

She left an artistic legacy in the world of soap operas and theater.

The Mexican film and television industry is in mourning, since the actress from Jalisco, known for her countless works on the small screen, passed away on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Miami time, 11 a.m. Los Angeles time.

He was 74 years old and his son Enrique Rubio confirmed the news of his death.

It is worth noting that Susana Dosamantes, the first actress and mother of Paulina Rubio, died on Saturday, according to what one of his relatives reported to journalist Maria Luisa Valdes, who made him known through his social networks and that so far the “golden girl” has not made any statements in this regard. .

Susanna Dusamantes has been treated on an outpatient basis under chemotherapy at Mount Sinai Medical Specialty Hospital in Miami, Florida since April due to the pancreatic cancer she suffered.

The actress had announced last April that she suffers from pancreatic cancer and is undergoing treatment with the best doctors in Miami, in the United States.

However, unfortunately, he did not succeed in overcoming the disease.

Just a few months ago he could be seen on Univisión’s small screen with his daughter on a show to promote the “Perrísimas” tour in which his daughter Paulina Rubio starred alongside Alejandra Guzmán.

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But since then many of his followers are waiting for the health of the famous actress who was facing the biggest challenge of her life with the support of her sons and family.

Who was Susanna Dusamantes?

Susana Dusamantes died of pancreatic cancer
Susana Dusamantes died of pancreatic cancer

Her first name was Maria del Perbeto Socorro Guadalupe Susana Dosamantes Roll Restra, she was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on January 9, 1948, and made her first appearance on the “big screen” at the age of twenty in 1968, as part of the cast. The movie “Remolino”. “.

In 1974, after her divorce, she married businessman Carlos Vasallo Tomei, separated from him after 14 years of marriage, in 1988 and then married Luis Rivas, who became her widower on July 2.

It is reported that so far, the singer Paulina Rubio has not issued any statement or publication regarding the death of her mother, Susanna Dosamantes.