Storm New York November 2021

Night shot of stunning lightning strikes over non-urban landscape

A severe thunderstorm has been warned in New York:
Private * Litchfield until 3:15 p.m.
*The entire state of Connecticut until 7 p.m.

Some information about these phenomena that threaten us

All thunderstorms lead to electrical charges that occur suddenly and are in the form of lightning, and in most cases they bring with them rain and stormy winds.
Severe thunderstorms are always accompanied by heavy rain, freezing cold, and sometimes tornadoes and snowfall.
These phenomena appear in the great plains of North America and others, especially in areas of temperate latitudes.
Other phenomena associated with thunderstorms include extremely high winds from hailstorms and flash floods.
Also, lightning has a devastating effect at times, even during droughts, causing forest and grassland fires to start.

Continue until 7 p.m. Strong winds in Connecticut and Rhode Island will reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.
It is accompanied by cold, heavy rain, and a very low risk of an isolated cyclone.
By 8 p.m. thunderstorms and torrential rain will hit southern New England, causing a dry night.
In the north, rain will continue to fall at the same time (Eighth).

We advise you to stick to the house and enjoy the peace of the family, and to stay away from the windows in such difficult times to be safe from dangers.

“stay healthy”

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