Shark attack off Long Island beach

Shark attack off Long Island beach, man is hospitalized
Shark attack off Long Island beach, man is hospitalized

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SHIRLEY, N.Y. -Shark attack off Long Island beach, man is hospitalized, A man is being treated for a possible shark bite on Long Island.

The latest incident comes as park officials have stepped up patrols along Long Island’s beaches in recent weeks in the wake of a series of shark attacks.

On Wednesday, Suffolk County Parks in Shirley announced the suspension of swimming at Smith Point Beach after “dangerous marine life activity.”

A surfer was being treated for injuries after he told park officials he had been attacked by a shark.

Early beachgoers arrived for swimming only to find Smith Point Park closed, with warning signs about dangerous marine life, and swimming prohibited.

Several sharks have recently been spotted on Long Island, prompting increased patrolling by rescuers.

Experts say that the increase in shark sightings indicates the improvement of the waters in our area.

Smith Point was one of the Suffolk County beaches that temporarily suspended water activities this month due to “dangerous marine activity.”