Setting a Christmas tree on fire on Fox News, the suspect has been identified.

In New York City, a large Christmas tree outside Fox News headquarters in midtown Manhattan was set on fire early Wednesday morning by a arsonist and was quickly arrested.

The big tree, about 50 feet high, caught fire just before 12:15 AM, and thick flames scrambled into the little shrubs that were ornately near it.

Police say the suspect, a 49-year-old man named Craig Tamanaha, had climbed “the metal structure of a tree.”

Police say the suspect lit the papers he had and pushed the papers into the tree.

Then he went down and watched from afar in the same street and watched the tree burning, and he was spotted by the building security (Fox) and took him to the police officers deployed in Rockefeller Center.

The suspect was identified as Craig Tamanaha, a homeless, previously known to them for other crimes, and a lighter was found in his possession.

He is accused of criminal offenses, arson and endangerment, criminal tampering and disorderly conduct.

It was not clear why he was behind the arson, but police say Tammanha acted alone. And he might have tried to reach the Rockefeller Tree, the Fox Tree.
There are rumors about his safety, but the police denied this
“The motive is not clear at this point,” she said. “And he is an individual known to us. This person has had a series of low-level arrests as well as drug arrests.”

Fox News says the 50-foot-high tree contains 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights. Assembly took more than 21 hours.
Damage was estimated at around $500,000. Fox also promised to rebuild the tree.

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