Sarah Weddington, Texas Lawyer

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 Sarah Weddington, a Texas lawyer who at 26-years-old successfully argued the landmark abortion rights case Roe v

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At only twenty-six and then twenty-seven, Sarah Weddington successfully argued Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, accompanied by her former law school classmate, Linda Covey.
Hence it is believed that, for a time, she is the youngest attorney to successfully argue before SCOTUS. #Texas Lawyer

Some of his biography: Sarah Weddington, Bio, Age, Death, Ethnicity, Husband…

*- Sarah Weddington was born on February 5, 1945, in Abilene, Texas.
*- She was the drum major in her high school band, and Sarah was also the president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship in her church.
*- She also played the organ, sang in the church choir courtyard, and rode horses.
*- Weddington is an attorney, as well as a professor of law, and a member of the House of Representatives, “Texas Representatives”.

*-Died, December 26, 2021 (aged 76) ,Austin, Texas, United States.

Sarah Sarah Weddington Texas Lawyer
Sarah Weddington Texas Lawyer

Sarah Weddington Texas Lawyer

In the time leading up to Sarah’s death, Weddington had a series of many health problems.

On the morning of December 26, 2021, Texas Lawyer died, in her sleep on Sunday morning, at the age of 76.
It was not immediately clear what caused Sarah’s death so far.

Her assistant, Weddington, discovered her death when he found her unresponsive at her home in Austin, Texas.

As such, Sarah Weddington’s death occurred shortly after the US Supreme Court had heard her.

It was through oral arguments in Dobbs’ case that the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and this case, that the previous Roe v. Wade decision was reconsidered.

Weddington has recently written a book on Roe v. Wade, and has lectured at Austin and Texas Women’s University on leadership, law, and gender issues.

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