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Remembrance of Pearl Harbor.

The destroyer USS Shaw explodes after Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor Tuesday marks the 80th anniversary of the attack that plunged the United States into World War II.

Dec. 7, 1941


Local historians say that
Remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day Although there were not many veterans of this surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Berks County, it is important to commemorate that disgraceful day and this year, this Pearl Harbor Day event takes place 80 years before Tuesday, as it changed the nation and the world forever after him.

The event was Japanese bombs falling on Pearl Harbor like rain, and immediately the US Navy sailor first class named (David Russell) first took refuge in the basement on the deck of the USS.

A decision that did not take more than a moment has changed the course of his life for 80 years and almost saved his life.

They began to close the hatch that the Japanese missile barrage had made on the ship.

Russell then helped transport ammunition to anti-aircraft guns in Maryland.

After the battle, Russell and two others went to an island called Ford, next to where the battleships were anchored, in search of a bath.
At the same time the infirmary and the recruits had resolutely turned into a triage center and refuge to help hundreds of the wounded, and then they found a horrific sight, burnt sailors lining the walls. Certainly many, many will die in the coming hours or days, at the latest.

But within about 12 minutes the scales have all turned, as his warship capsizes receiving a barrage of torpedoes.
The loss was a lot, the number of deaths in total, 429 sailors and marines in Pearl Harbor, and this huge number is the largest number of dead of any ship that day, for example, the ship USS Arizona, lost 11 people.

Russell still considered the proportion of fortune to his decisions that day. Knowing that most of the men left behind could be held because they weren’t able to get out after closing the hatch.

In 2015, the POW/MIA accounting agency went to great lengths to exhume 388 sets of these ancient remains from the Pearl Harbor accident, hoping to identify them using DNA technology and dental records. Indeed, they succeeded with 361.

Russell remained in the Navy until he retired in 1960.
He worked at Air Force bases for the next two decades after that and Russell finally retired in 1980.

Russell’s wife, Violet, died 22 years ago, and he now lives alone in Oregon. Chasing dreams that day

He was silent for decades, meaning that Russell did not share much about his harsh experiences in World War II, so no one listened and cared for this matter. But pictures from Pearl Harbor still haunted him, especially in the evening.

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