Robert Durst convicted of murder dies in prison hospital

Robert Durst convicted of murder dies in prison hospital

Robert Durst convicted of murder dies in prison hospital
Robert Durst convicted of murder dies in prison hospital

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Robert Durst, the wealthy New York real estate heir and failed fugitive who was dogged for decades with suspicion in the disappearance and deaths of those around him before he was convicted of killing his best friend and sentenced to life in prison, has died. He was 78.

His attorney, Chip Lewis, said he died in a state prison hospital in Stockton, of natural causes due to his health issues.

Durst was convicted in September of shooting Susan Berman at close range, 2000, at her home in Los Angeles.
He was sentenced to life in prison in that case on October 14.
Two days later, he was hospitalized with COVID-19, his attorney Dick Degren said.

Robert Alan Durst, born April 12, 1943, was a convicted American murderer.
He is also suspected of being a serial killer and a real estate heir.
Robert Durst has already gained notoriety after the disappearance of his wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst, in 1982.
He was also convicted of the murder of his old girlfriend, Susan Berman, in 2000, and this conviction took place in September 2021.
He was also accused of killing his neighbor Maurice Black in 2001, in Galveston, Texas, for which he was acquitted in 2003, and that happened despite his conviction of tampering with evidence, as he dismembered Black and then threw parts of his body in Galveston Bay.

Durst died in prison hospital on January 10, 2022, at the age of 78.

As was the time when the death occurred, Durst was awaiting trial for murder in connection with the death of his previously reported missing wife, Cathy McCormack Durst, 39 years after her disappearance.

Durst debated the troubles and made severa damning statements, which incorporates a lovely confession at some point of an unguarded 2d within the six-detail HBO documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

The show made his name identified to a latest generation and brought renewed scrutiny and suspicion from the authorities. He turn out to be caught within the Berman murder the night time time in advance than the final episode, which concluded with him mumbling withinside the rest room while however carrying a heat microphone saying, “You have been given! What the hell did you do? They killed they all of course.”

His safety attorneys within the run-as tons because the trial noted that Durst wrote the memo, and prosecutors said it amounted to an admission.

Clips from “The Jinx” and from the 2010 movie “All Good Things,” in which Ryan Gosling completed a fictional version of Durst, had starring roles within the trial.

As did Durst himself. His felony experts over again risked placing him on diploma for what have become out to be about three weeks into his testimony. It did not art work as properly as it turned into in Texas.

Under a devastating thinking via Attorney General John Lowen, Durst admitted that he had lied beneath oceans within the past and could achieve this over again to get out of trouble.

Dust advanced bladder maximum cancers and his health deteriorated at some point of Berman’s trial. He turn out to be taken to court docket docket in a wheelchair carrying prison clothes every day because of the reality his felony experts said he turn out to be now no longer capable of trade the suit. But the pick out rejected in addition delays after a 14-month hiatus at some point of the coronavirus pandemic.

DeGuerin said Durst turn out to be “very, very ill” at his sentencing being attentive to and turn out to be the worst he gave the look of in his many years acting.

Dorset entered the courtroom docket docket with a vacant look with massive eyes. Near the prevent of the being attentive to, after Berman’s loved ones suggested the pick out how her death had become their lives upside down, Durst coughed difficult and then seemed to be struggling to breathe. His chest jumped and pulled his mask down beneath his mouth and began to swallow air.

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