Remains found in Richmond

Remains found in Richmond confirmed to be Tatyanna Harrison
Remains found in Richmond confirmed to be Tatyanna Harrison

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Judith Durham, the Australian folk star who rose to fame in 1962 after joining The Seekers as the band’s lead singer, passed away.

She was 79 years old.

Her death was confirmed by Musicoast Pty. Ltd and Universal Music Australia, which announced the news through a joint statement posted via The Seeker’s official Facebook page on Friday.

“After a short stay at Alfred Hospital, Judith was admitted to palliative care on Friday, August 5, where she passed away peacefully that evening,” the statement read.

“Her death was a complication of a long-term chronic lung disease.”

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In the statement, fellow surviving members of The Seekers – Keith Buttger, Bruce Woodley and Athol Gay – said their lives were “changed forever, they lost our dear friend and our shining star.”

“Her struggle was intense and heroic – she never complained about her fate and accepted its end completely,” they said.

“Her wonderful musical legacy Keith and Bruce and I are very fortunate to share.”

A body discovered in Richmond in May has now been confirmed to be Tatiana Harrison, a 20-year-old woman reported missing from downtown Vancouver’s East Side this spring.

Vancouver police released the information on Saturday, saying she died of fentanyl poisoning.

“Although we are now able to provide some answers, many questions remain, and we will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Tatiana’s disappearance.”

Harrison was reported missing by her mother, Natasha Harrison, on May 3, having not been heard from since the end of March.

VPD investigators believe Harrison, who was described by police as a 20-year-old Indigenous woman, moved to Vancouver from Surrey for several weeks before she disappeared.