Rapper Kay Flock has been arrested after a rival gang member was shot dead

Rapper Kai Flock
NY Rapper, Kay Flock arrested tonight for an alleged murder that took place December 16. The victim was a 24 Year Old in a Barber Shop. Police Claim the killing was gang related.

Kay Flock Rapper,  arrested tonight for the murder of a 24 year old who he allegedly pulled up on while the kid was in a barber shop  . James Franco 

Kay Flock’ professional person created the statement. once rapper Kay Flock was charged with measured murder over the December sixteen shooting.

The 18-year-old rapper, whose real name is Kevin Perez, has been charged with the murder of 24-year-old Oscar Hernandez.

and for example ,The victim was reportedly sitting in an exceedingly shop on Dutch capital Avenue at W 151 Street. waiting to induce a haircut within the morning.

And on this :Perez reportedly began to show away before onanism a 9mm gun and shooting the victim in the neck and back.

an advert wished for the arrest of Kai Flock claims that he’s a member of the Third Gang which the shooting was concerning the gang.

However, the victim’ family told the big apple Daily News that the murder was an error of identity, and Hernandez failed to apprehend the Rapper Kay Flock.

The big apple local department has free a photograph of the suspect carrying a mask and what seems to be a Moncler jacket, patrician jeans and Air Jordan sneakers.

In line with Kay Flock’, Scott Lemon,

 he is presently attorney that his own investigation once receiving info someone else is that the shoot.

relating to the costs against Rapper Kay Flock, we’ve got launched a non-public investigation in these claims.

Importantly, given the prosecuting attorney’s important speech act this morning that the NYPD received اrecommendation that some other person was the shooter.
we have asked the DA to produce immediate disclosure of the videos.

Who is Rapper Kay Flock?

Kay Flock is an 18-year-vintage rapper whose actual call is Kai Roy.
The younger rapper has greater than 200k fans on YouTube at the same time as his Instagram account seems to be disabled.
Kay Flock, other than losing his solo music, is likewise a rapper from a collection known as Thraxx.
His first music to seem at the net became ‘FTO’ which became launched in May 2020.

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