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Old video games, wonderful childhood memories

If you are a fan of video games when it comes to such old games, like Tetris on the Game Boy Pocket or Pokémon on the Game Boy Advanced SP.
There are three ways to play: the original hardware, as well as the simulation, and there can be anything else in between.
It will not use the original hardware unless you have kept the consoles of those games since your childhood, you can find them working with some issues.

The simulation is a software solution to restore the functionality of the old console.
This takes the form of virtual consoles, or subscription services like Nintendo Online.
But the use of ROM (a digital copy of a cartridge) is seen by some as theft, for reasons of illegal form.
Almost when people are given the opportunity to buy games legally, they often do so without hesitation.
The problem is:
The only way to play these old video games legally is to access your old cartridges and original hardware.

Video games are in your hands legally, and great possibilities to enjoy playing

Video games are now available that combine happy memories with modern capabilities:

“The Analogue Pocket”
It is a portable device created by the company called Analogue, a company best known for its FPGA consoles and considered the best in its class.

It builds these video game consoles that faithfully run old games and cartridges.
The consoles of this device have a variety of different settings to make playing these games look like a childhood simulation of nostalgia.

Analogue Pocket is a handheld device that can be used to play original Game Boy games.
Believe it or not, there are a lot of music makers around the world who like to compose music using the original sounds of old game consoles.
The analog pocket also has a built-in display mode called a Nanoloop and this contains a synthesizer as well as a sequencer for musicians. look for it

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