plainsboro shooting under investigation

plainsboro shooting investigation

plainsboro shooting under investigation
plainsboro shooting under investigation

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Plainsboro, NJ (WABC) – A police shooting incident in New Jersey on Wednesday is under investigation.
Authorities are investigating a police shooting at an apartment complex in Middlesex County.
The accident was reported just before noon along Ravens Crest Drive in Crest in the Princeton Meadows apartment complex.

Pieces of clothing were scattered on the ground around a Plainsboro Police patrol car next to a pool of blood.

“We saw the shooting happen and we were really scared,” said one of the witnesses.

Plainsboro police shooting under investigation

What led to the shooting is now the focus of an investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.
Few details about the shooting were revealed. It is believed to be related to a confrontation that took place in a house in the compound.
Evidence marked on the street included multiple shell casings, a knife, wire believed to be from an electric taser, a backpack and a jacket.

Detectives were spotted entering and exiting a unit believed to be linked to the shooting suspect.

But it takes some time to iron out the details.

“I’ve seen him in development a few times, washing his car, driving around,” said eyewitness Chris Spano. “I’ve never had a conversation with him but have seen him many times.”

It was not clear who was injured or the extent of the injuries.
The state attorney general’s office is investigating the incident, which is standard in use of force cases.

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