Pennsylvania snowy pileup, 3 dead of dozens of vehicles

Pennsylvania snowy pileup

Pennsylvania snowy pileup, 3 dead of dozens of vehicles
Pennsylvania snowy pileup, 3 dead of dozens of vehicles

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POTSVILLE, Pennsylvania (AP) – Trailers and other vehicles collided with each other during a snowstorm on an icy road in Pennsylvania on Monday, causing a pileup that killed at least three people and injured more than a dozen.

The Interstate 81 crash was captured in videos posted on social media showing drivers and passengers lining up on the snowy road and jumping off the road as a series of accidents unfolded with multiple cars colliding in less than a minute..

3 dead in pileup of dozens of vehicles in Pennsylvania

Dr. David J. said: Moylan, the Schuylkill County coroner, said three deaths had been confirmed by late afternoon and that number could rise as the fires still burning were hampering rescuers.

Estimates of the number of vehicles involved from the Emergency Management Agency and the state police ranged from 40 to 60, including multiple tractor trailers.

Beckley said emergency personnel from four different counties have taken about 20 patients to area hospitals for treatment.

He said that three trailers carrying unknown cargo caught fire when emergency personnel arrived, and some small vehicles caught fire.

Pennsylvania State Police Soldier David Beom said Monday afternoon that police were unable to investigate yet because a fire was still burning among a number of wrecked cars and trucks.

In one video, an out-of-control tractor truck hits a large dump truck and flips it nearly 180 degrees.

Another large truck caught fire and sent black smoke into the air, and an SUV collided with a passenger car and sent it spinning close to a person.
Standing on the shoulder in the snow and fog.

“We can’t do anything while there’s still fires burning,” he said. The firefighting units on the scene included a steady stream of water tanks because “in the middle of nowhere, you have to bring your own water…there is no fire hydrant here anywhere.”

Bohm said the highway was covered in snow when the snow broke on it.

“All it takes is one person to hit something and you have to pull off the road, but when you keep driving fast on the highway, that’s what happens,” he said.

He said people whose vehicles were in the accident and the “walking wounded” were taken to a Wegman distribution center in an industrial estate near the accident, and a reunification center was set up at Goodwill Fire Company No. 1 in Minersville for people to meet with friends or relatives or arrange accommodation.

The National Weather Service warned of “several waves of short heavy snow with very poor visibility.”

“They are so intense snow showers that if you drive into them, you can go from partly cloudy or sunny skies to an instant snowstorm in a matter of seconds.
This is why they are so dangerous.

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