Pasha Lee Killed Ukrainian Actor Amid Russian Shelling

Pasha Lee Killed Ukrainian Actor

Pasha Lee Killed Ukrainian Actor  Amid Russian Shelling
Pasha Lee Killed Ukrainian Actor Amid Russian Shelling

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Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee changed into killed, Sunday, in Irbin, beneathneath the bombing of Russian forces occupying the metropolis west of Kyiv, consistent with neighborhood reports. Television information carrier TSN and the Odessa International Film Festival stated the actor (who’s additionally known as Pavlo Li and Pasha Li) is 33 years old.

Li is stated to have joined the local protection forces of the Ukrainian defense force ultimate week to shield his domestic usa at some stage in the continuing invasion.

33-year-old Ukrainian film star killed in Russian shelling

In a publish on his Instagram account on Saturday, Lee wrote “For the beyond forty eight hours there’s an possibility to take a seat down down and take a image of the way we had been bombed, smiling due to the fact we can control and the whole thing can be Ukraine” 🇦 We are working!!! (translator).

They celebrated him through list his movie credentials, which includes roles in “Shtolnya,” “Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors,” “Zvychayna Sprava,” “Fighting Rules,” “Meeting Classmates” and more.

Ukrainian actress Anastasia Kasilova, who labored with Lee at the crook TV show “Provincial”, took to Facebook to mourn Lee’s death.

“He is an actor, TV presenter, colleague and right acquaintance,” Kasilova wrote approximately Lee. “Never forgive!”

The Associated Press suggested that Russian shelling endured on Sunday within the outskirts of Kyiv, which includes Irbin, which changed into reduce off from electricity, water and heating for 3 days. The New York Times suggested that as a minimum 4 civilians had been killed at some stage in the bombing close to the bridge in Irvine as they attempted to escape the fighting.

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