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orange massachusetts fire breaks out at old cereal factory

orange massachusetts fire

orange massachusetts fire breaks out at old cereal factory
orange massachusetts fire breaks out at old cereal factory

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Orange, Mass – Firefighters in central Massachusetts are battling a major fire in Orange that broke out in a building that once housed a grain factory, officials said.

Large fire breaks out at old cereal factory in Orange, Massachusetts

According to the Orange Fire department, the fire broke out at the former grain plant on St.

The fire originally had three alarms, including the alarm system, but has since escalated to the fifth and possibly sixth alarm.

The Orange Fire Department said the blaze occurred at 16-36 West River Street, initially reporting that the blaze had three alarms.

Since then, the fire rate has increased to five alarms and could reach a sixth.

An Athol resident who lives five miles from the old grain mill said she saw ash from the fire falling in her yard.

Firefighters in the nearby community of Turners Falls said several area fire departments responded to the scene to help Orange firefighters contain the flames.

Crews have asked people to avoid the area, according to home security, while they work to contain the fire.

According to Orange Township officials, the West River Street area near the old grain mill building has been closed since March 29 due to safety concerns.

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The building has been deteriorating over the years, but a recent engineering survey showed that the situation had only gotten worse.

In a document shared by the city, officials said the building that once housed the grain mill is private property.

Township officials said the property situation complicated the process of attempting to demolish the building, but noted that all appropriate legal measures have been taken to find an appropriate solution.

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