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What rituals you should know about the Day of the Dead

On the , the veil between life and death fades

What rituals you should know about the Day of the Dead

Today’s Day of the Dead atmosphere is a product of thousands of years of Spanish and European culture, which has evolved into Day of the Dead now: it is a very important day in Mexico and other regions, and the Day of the Dead is taught to children in schools in Mexico, and it is also an official holiday.

The idea that revolves around the Day of the Dead is the connection between the living and the dead and the delivery of the love that is still in the hearts and that its place still exists.

And a reminder of this on the Day of the Dead: The atmosphere and traditions followed by the living differ from one town to another, and also according to the deceased.
Traditions generally include wearing colorful clothes and performing some dances
And make some skulls from candy and decorate them
Making baked goods for this day
Writing some words and phrases from the living to their dead relatives, as well as poems.


The altar of the church is a private building or houses to celebrate the Day of the Dead and prepare to receive the souls of the dead in the world of the living, to welcome them, and to welcome them with water, food, sweets, family photos, special incense and flowers for this day, and if the dead is a child, we may find some games for him.

Portrait of a mother and daughter with traditional make up for Dia de los Muertos, Mexico

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