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It’s shocking here for Olivia Rodrigo fans.

After tickets for Olivia Rodrigo’s tour sold out on the morning of Friday, December 10, 2021, fans found messages stating “Technical difficulties” on Ticketmaster, which many assumed were the result of high demand.

While some fans managed to get past the interruptions and get into the waiting room to buy tickets, many of them were dumped behind thousands of people and eventually left, empty-handed.

Olivia Rodrigo, the star who rose to global fame after her single “Driving License” became a franchise and huge hit, announced her first tour of 2022 in early December.
This tour will take her to about 41 cities across the United States, as well as Canada, and Europe.

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The majority of these venues have ballrooms and theaters, as most Olivia fans had expected, which reduces the chances of getting tickets, meaning there is a lot of competition for a limited set of tickets.
North America has the advantage that fans can sign up for “Verified Fans” registration with Ticketmaster and this feature allows them to participate in sweepstakes to obtain tickets.

This feature has been created by Ticketmaster since 2020, in an attempt to obtain tickets properly and fairly without discrimination, at the prices determined by those responsible for organizing the event.
While Ticketmaster states on its own site: that the feature it offers does not include entry to the show (bots), the goal is to send more tickets to fans who already intend to go to the show.

However, many fans were unable to access the site despite being able to secure fan codes that had been verified on Thursday, December 9th, or were stuck in a queue to make a purchase.


Insider was among a lot of users who were unable to get their tickets to the Ticketmaster site.
We were met with a letter stating an apology for the “outage”.

A message has been read

*“We are currently facing some technical difficulties and our team is working on solving them as soon as possible.”
*”We’re sorry to bother you and appreciate your patience. But please check back soon to continue.”

In screenshots taken and shared, Olivia’s fans have used it and users claim that public admissions are now selling tickets for over $1,500. Under “Official Platinum” from Ticketmaster, which states that the price of remaining empty seats can be adjusted according to demand.

Olivia Rodrigo responded to the accusations of copyright infringement, explaining that she felt resentment and frustration at people trying to “discredit her and deny her creativity.”

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