Octavio Ocaña

Octavio Ocaña was born in November 1998 in Mexico. He died on Friday evening, October 29, 2021

Octavio Ocaña has been acting since the age of seven, and the Mexican and non-Mexico audience loved him, and praised his role in the series “The Neighbors” as “Benito”.

Octavio died of a gunshot wound to the head

Elcha Octavio Ocaña died on Friday afternoon with a gunshot wound to the head while driving on the highway from Bequeril Escayi, State of Mexico October 29

Circumstances of the accident

Octavio Ocaña was traveling in a car with two friends.
The Mexican police were chasing him and he was accelerating to get away from the police cars.
The police confirmed that there was no shootout.
The police discovered the presence of a firearm in the possession of young Octavio Ocaña.
After interrogating the two young men who were inside the car, they said that Octavio Ocaña had been drinking alcohol the previous period, and his father denied that.
While the police were chasing the young man, he lost control of the car, so the car swerved aside and crashed into the side of the road.

Doubts about the accident

Some suspicions revolve around that the young man was alive during the police car lecture.
But these suspicions, which some circulate, will end as soon as you step aside from examining the bullet and its trajectory.

In the end: we lost a childish smile that rolled before our eyes on the television screens… the young artist who was loved by the audience, “Benito”.

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