Nuclear power plant inadvertently

Nuclear power plant inadvertently sets off sirens
Nuclear power plant inadvertently sets off sirens

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SEABROOK, N.H. — Nuclear power plant inadvertently sets off sirens, in New Hampshire on Tuesday morning sent nearby residents into a frenzy and temporarily closed area beaches.

Company officials reported that shortly before 11 a.m., there was an “unintended activation of the siren” due to system testing.

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The plant emphasized that “there is no emergency at the plant and there is no danger to the public,” according to a tweet from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, which was reconfirmed by local police departments and public officials.

Beachgoers in Hampton, Seabrook and Ray said they have received messages urging people to evacuate beaches and turn on their radios, according to the Hampton Police Department.

However, it was announced by mistake.

“We are aware of sirens calling for evacuation near the Seabrook terminal,” said Bill Orloff, spokesperson for NextEra Energy Resources.

Siren activation was sent in error during system testing.”

However, this did not stop the concerned population from taking precautions.

Neighboring cities such as Exeter have reported receiving multiple calls from concerned citizens regarding the perceived emergency.

Several other agencies, including Governor Chris Sununu, have been notified of the incident.

Local authorities eventually assured the public that there was no need to evacuate.

“Seabrook Station is currently operating without issues affecting the nearby community,” Orloff continued.
“We apologize for the inconvenience this matter may have caused.”

The video shared with Boston 25 News captured the sound of the ad: “Attention. Attention. There is a problem with the Seabrook power plant.”

There was no more information available.