Nipsey Hussle murder suspect allegedly beaten up in jail
Nipsey Hussle murder suspect allegedly beaten up in jail

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Nipsey Hussle murder suspect allegedly beaten up in jail, he was reportedly physically assaulted while in custody, Rolling Stone reports.

After leaving a Los Angeles courtroom on the afternoon of Monday (June 27), Eric Ronald Holder Jr. was supposedly beaten so badly that today’s court hearing (June 28) was postponed.

Although there were no further reports on the scene of the incident, Holder was to be kept away from the other prisoners while being transported to and from court due to the high profile nature of the case.

According to REVOLT, the Hussle murder trial has previously been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Opening statements in the case began on June 15.

Hussle, born Jeremias Joseph Ashgodom, was shot outside a Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31, 2019.

Loved ones, fans, and the entire hip-hop community mourned his loss. The famous musician.

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Holder was charged with one count of murder and possession of a firearm by a criminal, along with two counts each of attempted murder and assault with a firearm in May 2019.

During opening statements, Deputy Attorney General John McKinney told the grand jury that the 32-year-old approached Hussle over an argument that “had to do with Mr. Ashdoom accusing Mr. Holder of defamation, which, in the gang world, is a very serious crime.”

According to McKinney, “The conversation had something to do with Mr. Ashgodom telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was telling.

The conversation wasn’t particularly intense, it wasn’t particularly aggressive, and it lasted about four minutes.”

Judge Jack asked the jury to return on Wednesday (June 29) unless otherwise requested.

“Based on some unforeseen circumstances that were not the parties’ fault here, we will not be in today’s session,” he said.