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Neal Adams Comic Book Creator, Dies at 80

Neal Adams Comic Book Creator, Dies at 80

Neal Adams Comic Book Creator

Neal Adams Comic Book Creator, Dies at 80
Neal Adams Comic Book Creator, Dies at 80

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Neil Adams, the pioneering comic book author who helped bring about some revolutionary changes in the industry, passed away on April 28. He was 80 years old.

Neal Adams, Trailblazing Comic Book Creator, Dies at 80

Legendary comic book artist Neil Adams, whose career spanned nearly 60 years and included the revitalization of Batman and the Joker for DC, has passed away.

In addition to decades of working for artists’ rights and a commitment to social significance in his work, early yesterday morning, according to his son-in-law Sauri Adams. He was 80 years old.

Adams worked with both DC and Marvel comics in the 1960s and 1970s, drawing characters such as Batman, Superman, Avengers, and X-Men.
He was one of the creative forces behind the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series in the early 1970s, addressing social issues such as drug addiction and racism.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adams died on April 28 in New York from sepsis. His wife Marilyn Adams is survived by 45 years; The sons of Josh, Jason, and Joel.

Neal Adams Dies: Comic Book Legend

Daughters of Chris and Zia. Grandchildren, Kelly, Kourtney, Jade, Sebastian, Jane and Jaylene; and great-grandson of Maximus.
Josh Adams said in a statement, “It wasn’t until I sat at tables at conferences next to the same people I was watching treating my father with such respect that I understood:
It was their father, too.”

The undeniable quality was the one I had known about him all my life: he was a father. Not only my father, but he was a father to all who knew him.”

“I came out of a time when bigotry was more subtle than it was in the days of slavery,” Adams told The American Prospect in 2011.
“Not for the people who worked against them but for the [whites] people who walked around saying, ‘No problem, right?”

Adams had tried to include black characters in his work before, but when he arrived in D.C., he decided it was time for the characters to look like many Americans not seen often in the comics.

Adams was born on June 5, 1941 and received his artistic training at the School of Industrial Arts in New York City, according to the statement.

At the age of 21 he began drawing the Ben Casey joint newspaper tape and in 1967 he went to DC Comics where he drew war comics covers and contributed stories of Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope’s adventures.

His career has been marked by unparalleled artistic talent and an unwavering personality that propelled him to constantly fight for his peers and those in need.

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He became known in the comics industry as one of the most influential creators of all time and advocated for social rights and creators’ rights. When he saw a problem he did not hesitate.

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