Morro Bay surfer killed in apparent ,it is shark attack

Morro Bay surfer killed
JUST IN: Authorities say a surfer has died after an apparent shark attack in Morro Bay on California’s Central Coast on Friday.

Morro Bay surfer killed and police fire crews were called to the beach after the man’s body was pulled from the water north of Atascadero christmas


 A surfer w of Morro Bay as killed in an attack that appeared to be a shark attack.
on Christmas Eve off the Central Coast, California, authorities said.

Morro Bay police said on their Twitter page that the man had been pulled out of the water north of the famous Morro Rock.
It was around 10:45 am. Unfortunately, there was no response to him after he was brought to the ground.

Authorities say a man on a boogie board died after an apparent great white shark attack
in Morro Bay on California’s Central Coast on Friday24/12, reports ABC7.

what is believed to be San Luis Obispo County’s first such fatality in 18 years.

The surfer dragged the man (the victim of the attack) ashore.
For example, firefighters as well as police arrived at the scene at about 10:48 a.m.
Endersby said, and paramedics declared the man dead at age 31.

The county investigative judge is investigating this attack, which is likely to be a shark attack.
And Endersby said he was with the teams, a fish and wildlife biologist, to determine the type and size of the shark.

By the time the water was cleared by the harbor patrol, which was done around 11 a.m., only three people were swimming.

Which meant that word spread quickly about the incident of killing the man in this attack, and people quickly got out of the water.

In addition to the bad weather, it may have contributed to the smaller-than-usual weekend crowds.

For example, it was raining throughout Thursday, which resulted in the running of water near the shore, and thus the wind raised the waves to a higher level than usual.

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