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Montenegro mourns after 10 are killed in street attack

Montenegro mourns

Montenegro mourns after 10 are killed in street attack
Montenegro mourns after 10 are killed in street attack

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CETINJE, Montenegro — Montenegro mourns after 10 were killed in a street attack, Montenegro declared three days of national mourning Saturday, a day after 10 people, including two children, were killed in a daylight attack by a 34-year-old gunman who police said had recently exhibited a “change in behavior.”

The attacker used a hunting rifle to kill two children, 8 and 11, and their mother, who lived as tenants in his home in the Medovina neighborhood in the western city of Cetinje.

Then he walked into the street and randomly shot 13 people, seven of whom were killed.

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The gunman was later shot dead after an armed battle with police.

Police investigating the rampage released a statement Saturday saying it was still unclear what drove the gunman — identified only by his initials, VB.

But they said people close to the attacker said he had recently begun to show “a change in behavior but nothing to indicate he could commit such an offence”.

The attacker had an appointment to see a mental health professional, but before that he set off on a frenzy.

The police statement also said that law enforcement officers who were dispatched to the scene came under fire from the attacker and responded by shooting him at least 20 times and seriously injuring him.

“You could hear women crying, people screaming in panic that a man had a gun and was shooting randomly around.

“I heard gunshots,” said witness Milena Stanovich. “I saw a lot of crying, tears and sadness, and today silence and disbelief.”

Cetinje, with a population of 17,000, seat of the former royal government of Montenegro, is located 36 kilometers (22 miles) west of Podgorica, the present-day capital of the small Balkan country.

Four of the wounded were taken to the Clinical Center in Podgorica for surgery and are still in intensive care on Saturday, according to Chief Neurosurgeon Dr. Ivan Terzic.

Two others, with less serious injuries, were recovering in a hospital in Cetinje.

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