Maryland’s Smith Island

Maryland’s Smith Island, Waterspout causes significant damage
Maryland’s Smith Island, Waterspout causes significant damage

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Smith Island, Maryland– Maryland’s Smith Island, Waterspout causes significant damage, a stream hurricane that emerged from severe storms Thursday evening devastated a corner of Smith Island, Maryland.

And the isolated Chesapeake Bay community that was already suffering from constant erosion and a faltering seafood industry was cause for concern.

After forming in the Chesapeake Bay, the hurricane smashed into the bayside community of Rhodes Point, ripping through the roof and third floor of the bed and breakfast and destroying a trailer.

Severe damage occurred on Smith Island, Maryland

It moved across the island to the village of Ewell two miles away, damaging about 17 homes along the way, but crashing out of a tent where dozens of people were gathering inside.

Lindsey Bradshaw was in the meeting tent when, as a volunteer firefighter, he received a call to report to a house. He immediately recognized the address: it was his mother’s address.

Fearing the worst when he arrived to find the mess, he was relieved when he and others discovered his mother, 88-year-old Doris Bradshaw, inside the ruins with few scratches. She remained in the hospital Friday afternoon.

“This is bad; this is real bad,” Lindsey Bradshaw said Friday, pointing to the ruins of his mother’s home. “It looks horrible.”
“But we could have planned a funeral today.”

The hurricane was a shock to a community accustomed to facing the fury of the Chesapeake winds and waves.

The damage was most severe in Rhodes Point, the westernmost of three Smith Island communities and the most exposed to severe weather. Ewell, on the island’s northern tip where ferries operate regularly to and from Crisfield on the mainland, was also affected, while Tylerton was unharmed in the south.

Friday’s focus was on restoring electricity as residents began cleaning up the damage. Everett Landon, a pastor of the Calvary United Methodist Church on the island, said the hurricane destroyed power poles and transformers.

A three-truck and four-pole ferry arrived Friday afternoon in an effort to restore power to about 50 customers on the island of about 260 residents, but not all outages were expected to be restored by the end of the day.

An online damage repair and rebuilding fundraiser raised nearly $50,000 by late Friday afternoon.

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Jeff Orrock, a responsible meteorologist in Wakefield, Virginia, said the flow came ashore from the west at about 7:22 p.m., and continued on the path east toward the mainland, which was later spotted north of Cressfield. Desk.

Waterpipes can occur in mild weather and are considered more common and less dangerous, although they can still cause damage; On the other hand, “cyclonic” streams are basically cyclones that form over water and are associated with severe storms.

Waterpipes do happen relatively frequently on the water, O’Rourke said, but they rarely turn out to be anything dangerous or long-lived.

There was little indication of any threat of a hurricane.

Wind gusts of up to 50 mph have been reported nearby, and the Meteorological Service has issued a marine warning advising of dangerous winds over the bay.

But weather conditions do not indicate a high risk of hurricanes that may have triggered a hurricane.

Smith Island is the last inhabited island in Maryland’s share of the Chesapeake, about five miles north of Virginia’s Tangier Island.

Because of decades of sea level rise and erosion that have made the other Gulf islands disappear, Smith Island is actually an archipelago of islands made up of three main communities: Ewell, Rhodes Point, and Tylerton.