Democratic congresswoman robbed in Philadelphia at gunpoint

Democratic congresswoman
Democratic congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon was unharmed in the attack, which took place Wednesday afternoon

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, who was unharmed but lost her vehicle in the robbery, is one of 125Democratic congresswoman s backing the Mental Health Justice Act  >>reading , James Franco

A Democratic congresswoman is robbed in town at gunpoint. Virgin Mary Jay Scanlon was robbed in broad daylight.

It was exactly a weekday when it was time in South Philadelphia’s largest park after a business meeting.

In an overly publicized statement on its official Twitter account, Scanlon’s workplace confirmed that the attack occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m.
The congresswoman wasn’t hurt either, and that’s when she was gathering at V.D. Roosevelt Park at the time of the accident.

“It thanks the Philadelphia Local Administration for his or her prompt response, and appreciates the efforts of each of the Arms’ sergeants within the capital,” the aforementioned statement.
It also thanks the local local administration for coordinating with Willy B.D. To ensure its continued safety.”

Associate degree excessively | In a highly joint statement with PEOPLE, police said the two alleged men “requested the keys” to the blue Acura MDX 2017 Scanlon.
It so happened that as soon as she handed over the keys, one of each offender allegedly got away with her car while the other way around was in an SUV.

Larry Krasner said earlier that his office is working with the police to hunt down thieves.

Democratic Congressman Scanlon

She could be a Democrat, and she has served in the House of Representatives since 2018.
Its county includes part of the city and its suburbs.
She is currently a member of the House Judiciary Committee, as well as the House Rules Committee and thus the House Management Committee.
Scanlon, this in its second state, represents the fifth district of Pennsylvania legislators.
It covers Delaware County, components south and southwest of Philadelphia, and small parts of downtown and Montgomery counties.

Authorities recovered the happiness car of a Delaware congressman and detained 5 suspects, Corporal. Hotshel of the Delaware State Police told CNN on a weekday evening. Hutchel stated that Scanlon’s car was recovered near a public sports facility in New York.

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