Marie Limansky resigned her position on Monday morning

Marie Limansky, the Social Media Director for the Democratic Party after the Waukesha incident, relinquished her position on Monday morning 11/23/2021.
This is because of her tweets that provoked the public on social networks after they lost loved ones in the Waukesha accident (a red multi-purpose car attack on the public participating in the Eid party on Sunday evening, which led to the loss of five innocent victims, and the injury of about forty others).
While mourning the state and the voices of groans, and prayers for the missing, Mary Limansky came on Twitter talking about Rittenhouse and his release, by mocking the Okesha accident
That comparison between Waukesha and Kyle Rittenhouse infuriated readers, as she wrote a tweet Monday morning, possibly deleted, saying: The driver could have killed the people at the party in self-defense.
In another tweet, she talks about karma and that she believes in it, and for Limansky, karma is the Christmas accident to vindicate Rittenhouse.

Another Tweet
“Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened,” referring to the imprisoned driver as a VIP in the Waukesha Incident, in which five people died while many were injured.


She also wrote sarcastically: She is sure that the driver does not want to harm anyone, but is serious about helping.

DuPage County Republican President Jim Z commented in a statement in response to Limansky’s post that he was “shocked and outraged” by her tweets.
After that, Limansky wrote her resignation in front of the public from the users of the communication sites, after she expressed her remorse for commenting on the incident and expressing her opinion with inappropriate and inappropriate words.
And as she spoke about the freedom to express her opinion and emphasized it, but taking into account others and that what she published was inappropriate and not in its place, and that this does not absolve her of responsibility, so she stressed that she should bear the responsibility and consequences of what she had previously submitted, and the resignation was public on Monday, November 23, 2021.



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