Major fire breaks out at Coeymans marina

Major fire breaks out at Coeymans marina

Major fire breaks out at Coeymans marina
Major fire breaks out at Coeymans marina

Henry Cuellar’s Texas home

Man hurt in blast that starts major fire at Coeymans marina

yassen:_CUEMANS – town Superintendent George McHugh showed Thursday noontide that a chief hearthplace is presently raging at the groyne withinside the tiny village of Quimans.

The hearthplace stony-broke out at Coeymans Landing dock Services. McHugh declared the explanation of the hearthplace becoming withal unknown.
The hearthplace unfold speedy and shot a thick plume of black smoke over the surrounding place.

Fire at Coeymans Marina under investigation

One harm become prompt as of Thursday noontide. McHugh declared Associate in Nursing unidentified employee on the dock become flown via manner of suggest that of a LifeNet whirlybird to a middle burn in Syracuse.

CUEMANS – A worker become seriously livid in a veryn explosion of a 275-gallon oil tank in a shed that sparked a giant hearthplace overdue Thursday morning at a ship store in Quimans Landing, government and people on the declared scene.

Bill Misoraka, businessman of Halfway House Ravenna, called his team, UN agency knowledgeable of him of the explosion.

My team detected the explosion and noticed black smoke. Each hearthplace branch withinside the place is currently concerned.”

Officials area unit asking those that keep or paintings within the place to effort caution.

“We area unit to shut their home windows and ask humans within the event that they McHugh declared.

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