Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube

lindsay ellis quit youtube
lindsay ellis quit youtube

Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube has quit YouTube and writer Lindsay Ellis has announced she is leaving Twitter amid criticism online.

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Popular YouTube film critic Lindsay Ellis says farewell after she posted an article on Patreon…
It is the end she wrote for herself because of a crisis that has led to the dismantling of her career since last March, she said.

Who is Lindsey Ellis?

*Lindsey was born in 1984 to Lindsay Ellis, 37, and was raised in Johnson City, Tennessee.

*She is a celebrity YouTuber, and a best-selling author, who announced that she will leave Twitter and YouTube in December 2021.
This is due to the harassment I was exposed to on the Internet.

*She has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and provides content on her channel that is video articles and movie reviews.

Lindsay Ellis began with a relatively harmless critique, on various topics of Asians, once mutants, and in a tweet (lazy Raya and the Last Dragon).

Her comment on some things led to the attacks of some followers, and also led to a group of people claiming that Ellis’ feelings – that Rhea is considered, “re” of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
It was a generalization as well as disrespectful to Asian culture and cinema.

But in the last nine months of this year, the situation has evolved far beyond the angst on Twitter.
The matter also develops into identifying two sides of the people who have deep and also complex arguments on this issue.
Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube, she says in the opening of her article, “My life actually ended nine months ago.”

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