Legendary photographer Mick Rock dies

The wedding of a music icon in the 1970s, Mick Rock, died at the age of 72.

Born in London in 1948, his studies were in Cambridge, and it was there that his life-changing interview where he met Syd Barrett, the founding member of Pink Floyd, who became one of his first subjects.

It’s called “The Man Who Shot the ’70s”. He has many pictures and his famous pictures of rock stars including David Bowie, Lou Reed and Debbie Harry was 72 years old.

“He took Jungian’s journey to the other side,” wrote Rock’s online social media posts on Friday. Without leaving us the cause of death and without any introductions.

In the early seventies (he was the official photographer for Bowie), and this event had a light shining around, meaning it was a huge commotion and was the talk of the public at that time.
The talented rock photographer continued to capture some of the most famous music photos of the era, such as: this picture of Iggy Pop topless on the cover of the album “Raw Power”
, members of The Queen, their faces partially shaded, on the cover of The Second Queen.

“It wasn’t like I was fighting other photographers,” Rock told The Associated Press in 2002 about his chances of getting those special photos. Which was very difficult.

In the nineties: a health disorder occurred as Rock underwent a heart operation, and then a few years later he had a kidney transplant.

It is said that Rock has stopped drinking cigarettes and drugs and continued his work and walking in his steady footsteps, taking pictures of musicians such as (Pharrell Williams), (Lady Gaga) and (Miley Cyrus).

But despite that, he used to say about himself: “I lived life beside taking pictures.”

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