LaKevia Jackson, Mother of Young Thug’s Child, Shot and Killed at Bowling Alley At 31

LaKevia Jackson

LaKevia Jackson, Mother of Young Thug's Child, Shot and Killed at Bowling Alley At 31
LaKevia Jackson, Mother of Young Thug’s Child, Shot and Killed at Bowling Alley At 31

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Lakivia Jackson, mother of rapper Young Thug’s son, Kevon Jackson, died aged 14, after an apparent feud at a bowling alley in Atlanta, Georgia. She was 31 years old.

The accident occurred at the Fun Metro Center along the Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta around 11 p.m. ET.

The 31-year-old was attending her best friend’s birthday celebration. CBS46’s Tori Cooper spoke with Jackson’s mother, Sherina, who said there was “a fight over a bowling ball.”
[Then] the suspect waited 20 minutes in the Laquivia parking lot.”

Over A Bowling Dispute, LaKevia Jackson Was Shot To Death

Given how she’s come into the spotlight, the world would be better off if they didn’t know who she was.
The famous baby mother was fatally shot and identified as the supposed mother of Young Thug.
Let’s know more about it.

The unnamed man shot her as she was leaving the scene.

“Officers at the scene found a dead adult female with multiple gunshot wounds,” Grant told ET in a statement.
Atlanta police investigators responded to the murders and began their investigation.”
“Initial information indicates that the incident began with a dispute over a bowling ball that escalated into a shooting.

The investigation is continuing. Please keep in mind that the above information is preliminary in nature and may change as the investigation progresses and new information emerges. “

In Atlanta, that at a news conference Friday, police said they would not release the identity or details of the suspected shooter.

But she believes she is close to arrest based on ballistic and surveillance evidence, along with collected witness testimonies. from the scene.

APD killings commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Woolfolk, said, “This is a truly brutal act. A young lady lost her life to a bowling ball.

We talk about conflict resolution over and over and this is an escalating conflict, so we’ll be working on this issue all night long and we’ll find the person responsible.
We know who they are to go ahead and turn yourself in.”

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The local news agency also spoke with Lakevia’s mother, Sherina Jackson, who said her daughter was attending her best friend’s birthday party when she was shot as she left the bowling alley.

Laquivia Jackson’s death, according to Atlanta police, was an act of barbarism.

The medical team was able to identify her, and were saddened by the prospect of more violence in the city over such small matters.

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