Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Dylan Mayer are engaged

Kristen Stewart announced her engagement Tuesday morning 2 October 2021 to her friend Dylan Mayer after dating for two years, and Kristen Stewart said that she is ready to advance in her life with the love of her age.

The relationship of the future couple began since they worked in a movie in 2019, and the couple appeared in New York 2019 kissing each other and sharing their black and white photo on Instagram.

There are some words of love that they exchange between them, such as: (Life with this small family is more beautiful), (This house that unites us is to me like a palace).
And (beautiful things happen quickly)
(I couldn’t wait to propose to the love of my life)

Dylan said she met Kristen Stewart in peace 9 years ago, but they never got back together, and she said she’s spoken to her six years since then, and that Kristen Stewart liked her at a friend’s birthday party where she was shining at that party, and Dylan said she liked Kristen. In a bar at night, she declared her love at the time.

Kristen Stewart that she was playing with her previous relationship and did not pay attention to her fame, but now she is not embarrassed by the public or those against her ideas, she is happy with her decisions anyway and lives a life of love with her partner and she is not embarrassed about being a lesbian.

In that happy ending: I want you to say congratulatory phrases, and if you don’t want to, say why?!

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