Korean ‘Snowdrop’ actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29

Korean ‘Snowdrop’ actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29

Korean 'Snowdrop' actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29
Korean ‘Snowdrop’ actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29

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Disney+ ‘Snowdrop’ actor Kim Mi-soo dies ‘suddenly’ at 29


Kim Mi-soo  is passed away , Wednesday, her agency reported.
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and South Korean actress,  that “Kim Mi-soo,” also  blew and died unexpectedly Wednesday.
Thus the K-drama actor,  was 29 years old.

Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5,” he is the late performer’s agency, Landscape Entertainment, and she said in a statement she translated by the publication Korea JoongAng Daily.
This affected her fans greatly, The bereaved are deep in their sadness at the sudden.

The only request was, Please refrain from reporting false “rumors”, or speculation as well so that the grieving family can mourn their daughter in peace.”

The cause of Kim’s death has not yet been disclosed.
Due to Korean age calculation, where her age at death has also been varyingly reported. Between as 30 and 31.

Kim — whose name is also spelled “Misu” — is best remembered also for her role in the _controversial_ South Korean television, series “Snowdrop.”
The show, which premiered, December last year, is a period drama set in 1987 Korea that tells. Which revolves the story of a romance budding amid the political turmoil of the pro-democracy movement.
Its depiction of North Koreans, as well as song choice, and historical accuracy have sparked protest, with pushback hurting the shares of multiple affiliated companies and one petition against it reportedly garnering over 300,000 signatures.

Korean 'Snowdrop' actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29
Korean ‘Snowdrop’ actor, Kim Mi-soo, dies ,suddenly at 29

Kim Mi-soo in “Snowdrop.”

Kim vie is a history student and therefore the friend of Young-ro, the series’ feminine protagonist, vie by South Korean singer Jisoo of the wildly well-liked cluster Blackpink.

Prior to her look in “Snowdrop,” that streams on producer JTBC Studios’ network in peninsula and on Disney+ elsewhere, Kim appeared during a sort of different films and shorts.

These enclosed her debut within the 2018 short “Lipstick Revolution,” the 2019 films “Memories” and “Kyungmi’s World,” the 2019 JTBC drama series “Human Luwak” and, in 2020, the shows “Hi Bye, Mama!” and “Into the Ring,” consistent with JoongAng Daily.

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