Update: The ex-police officer Kim Potter who shot 20-year-old Dante Wright

Kim Potter guilty of manslaughter in Don’t Wright’s death



Kim Potter
-Kim Potter, the ex-officer on trial for the killing of Daunte Wright, testified that she believed he was trying to flee arrest — and that the discovery of a warrant stemming from a gun charge caused officers to worry he may have been carrying a gun.

Update, On Friday, a judge sentenced Kim Potter, the former police officer who was convicted of manslaughter in Don’t Wright’s death, to two years in prison.

Potter will spend 16 months in prison, with the rest released under supervision.

The jury deliberated the case for 27 hours over a period of four days.Mary Gay Scanlon
And then a former Brooklyn Center officer, Kim Potter, was found guilty of first- and second-degree murder.
Potter, 49, now faces about seven years in prison on the most serious charge under state sentencing guidelines.

Former police officer Kim Potter who shot 20-year-old Dante

Suburban police officer Kim Potter, in Minneapolis who shot and killed Daunt Wright, had her murder trial on Friday, December 17, 2021.
She said that she could not stop his car, and that she did not plan to use lethal force that day.

During questioning by the prosecutor, Kim Potter broke down in tears during her testimony, sometimes saying that she “never wanted to hurt anyone”, after which Kim apologized, saying, “I’m sorry that happened.”

Ex-cop Kim Potter describes shooting (Wright), during the April 11, Brooklyn Center while there was some chaos after Wright attempted to leave the scene.
This was while she and the rest of the officers were trying to arrest him, according to a pending arrest warrant for breaching weapons.

Potter, 49, said she did not intend to kill him but that she intended to use her taser to subdue Wright when he walked away from the officers and returned to his car, but that she shot me with her pistol and that was one time, rather than using the taser.

Potter’s lawyers argue in the case that Kim Potter committed an unintentional mistake, and prosecutors say Potter was an experienced officer who received extensive training in the use of electric tasers and the use of lethal force.

Upon cross-examination, Potter testified by one of her lawyers who said she had received no training in “gun jamming,” saying it was not something her department’s officers had been physically trained for.
Kim Potter also said that she had not used a taser in service in 26 years, although she pulled it off many times, and that she hadn’t used her pistol until the day Wright was shot.

After this incident, Kim Potter resigned, two days after the shooting, and broke down in tears during the trial when she said that the traffic stop at that time “became chaotic”, after Wright tried to get back to his car.
She broke down in tears when Kim Wright described the shooting and when Eldridge played her video, aiming her gun at Wright.

Kim Potter, at the time of questioning by her lawyer, said that she cannot remember everything that happened after the shooting, including what she said, and that she is undergoing treatment as a result of the shooting.

A witness in that case, called by Kim Wright’s lawyers, testified: “Police officers can mistakenly draw their weapons instead of stun guns under heavy pressure because of their inherent training that will affect them at that time.

As Lawrence Miller, a psychologist who teaches at the University of Florida Atlantic, said on Friday, “The more times a person does something, the less they think about it, and stressful situations can then influence their decision.”

Kim Potter
The former officer charged in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright takes the stand, closing arguments scheduled for Monday.
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