Juwan Howard took a swing at a Wisconsin assistant, and started a brawl

Juwan Howard took a swing

Juwan Howard took a swing at a Wisconsin assistant, and started a brawl
Juwan Howard took a swing at a Wisconsin assistant, and started a brawl

There were at least 5 NYC subway stabbings this weekend

Michigan coach Joan Howard seemed to sway Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabenhoft after the Wolverines lost 77-63 to the Badgers.

Chaos broke out after 15th Wisconsin took over Michigan, 77-63, on Sunday afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin.

What began as an intense post-game handshake line exchange between Michigan coach Joanne Howard and Wisconsin coach Greg Gard quickly escalated into an all-out brawl involving players and coaches from both teams.

Wisconsin vs. Michigan fight| Juwan Howard took a swing

The Wisconsin Badgers were finalizing a convincing win over the Michigan Wolverines in men’s basketball.

on Sunday when the Wisconsin asked for a 15-point lead with 15 seconds to play.

When the game was over, Michigan coach Joan Howard started yelling at Wisconsin coach Greg Gard about the late deadline.

and that’s when chaos ensued.

From there, Howard either threw an open punch or went on to grab the Wisconsin assistant, which ensued with both teams chasing each other, with many punches for Wolverine including Terrence Williams II and Moussa Diabatti.

Howard thrust his finger in Jared’s face, which led to an even fiercer discussion, before Howard swung into Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabenhoft and slotted in a direct kick.

Things quickly escalated from there as the players got into a brawl.

This isn’t the first time Howard has been upset with an opponent coach.

At last year’s Big Ten, Howard was sent off in the second inning against Maryland after entering with coach Mark Torjeon.

There is no doubt that there will be many suspensions coming for players as well as coach Joan Howard in an embarrassing scene in Madison.

Howard admitted in his post-match press conference that the late timeout was indeed a cause of heat.

“I didn’t like the lead time they called, I’ll be completely honest,” he said.

“I thought it wasn’t necessary at that moment, especially with it being such a big advance… I thought it wasn’t fair to our guys.”

There were immediately calls for Howard to be suspended after he began the brawl against Wisconsin.

No matter what is considered a lack of sportsmanship, you can’t act in kind – which was an escalation.
Defend your team for sure, but that wasn’t the way to act.

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