JonBenet Ramsey cold case

JonBenet Ramsey cold case
JonBenet Ramsey cold case

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JonBenet Ramsey cold case: DNA expert explains how the mystery can be solved in no time
“It may only take hours before this DNA contributor is identified,” Moore said Sunday on 60 Minutes Australia.

Despite technological advances, the investigators who conducted the investigation in 1996 released no evidence.

“Doing nothing, continuing after 25 years is not acceptable anymore,” Moore said.

Jon Ramsay, JonBenet’s father, told 60 Minutes that investigators should make efforts to use the new technology to solve the case.

“We want to do everything that can be done technically and resourcefully to find our daughter’s killer,” he said.

Research in genetic genealogy is a relatively new field — led by “citizen scientists” with a passion for solving unsolved problems and knowing how to peruse both DNA databases and public records, according to one of the leading experts in the field.

JonBenet’s father, John Ramsey, told in April that he believed there was additional evidence containing DNA in the possession of Boulder police that could help solve the 1996 case.

In her four years as Parabon’s chief geneticist, she said, they’ve provided scientific advice that has helped resolve about 225 cases — about one a week.

In the past two weeks, authorities in various states have announced two advances in investigations into the cold case involving Parabon.

Pennsylvania police have arrested David Sinopoli, 68, in connection with the 1975 stabbing of Lindy Sue Bechler.