Johnny Knoxville Suffered Brain Damage Forever

Johnny Knoxville Suffered Brain Damage

Johnny Knoxville Suffered Brain Damage Forever
Johnny Knoxville Suffered Brain Damage Forever

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Johnny Knoxville says he suffered mind harm because of a stunt in his new film Jackass Forever.

The 50-year-vintage motion supermegacelebrity spread out approximately the damage and the terrifying aspect outcomes he skilled as a result, in an interview Tuesday on The Howard Stern Show.

Johnny Knoxville discusses getting brain damage from Jackass Forever stunt

In the approaching film, Knoxville is flattened via way of means of Thor in an outer ring even as sporting all his Matador gear. He suffered a damaged wrist, damaged ribs and a concussion.

Jackass Forever supermegacelebrity Johnny Knoxville has suffered sixteen concussions in the course of his lengthy profession of actually self-negative stunts.

But the bull-primarily based totally showdown at the set of Jackass Forever became honestly the breaking point, in an interview with Howard Stern this week.

During the conversation, Knoxville defined in element of the mind hemorrhage, and the following decline in cognitive ability, which he skilled after the blow.

Knoxville instructed host Howard Stern that hitting the bull “became the worst blow I’ve ever obtained from a bull.”

“I had a mind haemorrhage from that, so my cognitive skills had been in sharp decline after that blow,” he stated with a laugh, including later that the damage became “difficult to return back lower back from.”

“I needed to undergo most of these forms of remedies, this transcranial magnetic stimulation, that’s pounding your head with those magnets for approximately half-hour at a time, and oh my gosh, I’d say 10 to twelve remedies over a two- month series.

And it is imagined to assist with despair and, you know, assist with my cognitive skills,” he explained.

While seeking to loose Jackass Forever, Knoxville stated, “I could not take a seat down still.”

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