Joe Rogan N-word, Apologizes For Using “N” In Videos

Joe Rogan N-word

Joe Rogan N-word, Apologizes For Using N In Videos
Joe Rogan N-word, Apologizes For Using N In Videos

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Joe Rogan apologizes for his use of the n-word – the whole word – in his old videos, saying, “It sounds terrible, even to me.”

After Spotify removed about 70 episodes of the podcast, Joe Rogan appeared without explanation.

and Rogan posted a clip of the video on Instagram apologizing for the N-word on his show last time.

Joe releases apology video after clips of N-word use and a racist story go viral

In this apology, Rogan addresses a group of clips, specifically those shared by India singer Arie, that show Rogan.

and the N-word he’s been repeating repeatedly during podcast episodes over the past several years.

Describing the videos as “the most shameful thing.

he’s talked about publicly,” Rogan, 54, insisted the video consisted of excerpts “out of context”.

Justifying the word, Rogan said, he thought at the time that the word could be used while talking about pop culture…, but there’s a distinct difference. Quoted from Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor
Rogan says he was very wrong and now regrets what happened.

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