Jacqueline Avant, philanthropist and wife of music icon Clarence Avant, died after being shot and burgled early Wednesday.

Jacqueline Avant died early Wednesday, December 1, 2021, due to a burglary in her park, and she was shot and killed.
A philanthropist, she is also the wife of music icon Clarence Avan.


′′ Clarence Avant, a legendary musician, had a tragedy at his home on Tuesday night… an armed robbery in which his 54-year-old wife, quuelineAvant, was shot dead.

It happened at the Trousdale Estate, an upscale area adjacent to Beverly Hills.
The police received a call at about 2:30 a.m. for help due to the home invasion.
As soon as the police and ambulance arrived at the house where the crime occurred, Jackie was already taken to the hospital and declared dead.

Avant has been married since 1967, and they have two children.
Gradually Clarence began inducting Avant into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So that: The subject of the documentary film “The Black Godfather”, which took place in 2019, dealt with several directions such as: his political influence, his musical legacy, and his work with other musicians such as Babyface.
After news of her murder Wednesday morning, Los Angeles community leaders paid tribute to Jacqueline Avant.

So far, the police have not confirmed the identity of the suspects, and the suspects are no longer at the scene.
Paramedics from the Beverly Hills Fire Department took the victim, Jacqueline Avant, to a local hospital near the house, but unfortunately the sentence was pronounced, “The victim did not survive.”

Many celebrities praised Jacqueline Avant after hearing the silent news and mourned her, for example:

“My heart is heartbroken and heartbroken at hearing this morning’s news of the tragic and appalling murder of Mrs. Jacqueline Avant,” Congresswoman Karen Bass said in a statement.
“Ms. Avant has been considered a force of empathy and empowerment, whether at the local or national level for decades, in addition to being a role model in the areas of service and giving to those who need it most.”

“Both Cookie and I have been devastated by the loss of one of our closest and dearest friends, Jackie Avant,” Magic Johnson wrote on Twitter. “This is the saddest day of our lives.”


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