Learn about the consequences of the hurricane and the bad weather, from killing me, injuring me, destroying buildings, cutting off electricity, and others…

*Hurricane kills at least two after Amazon warehouse collapses in Edwardsville

*Extensive damage in central Tennessee following severe overnight storms

A tornado warning and a thunderstorm warning were issued in many areas due to the severe damage it may cause.

Damage caused by bad weather officials said at least two people were killed after the tornado destroyed the roof of the Amazon warehouse, Edwardsville, Illinois.
Friday night near St. Louis, police said.

Officials said that others were injured, and there is no confirmed news of how many people were in the building at the time of the typhoon and the collapse of the building.
As the families of the individuals who were inside the facility inquired, they urgently need to get answers about them, so the families are very worried.

It was not clear how many people were injured, officials said that rescue crews are working and are still sorting through the rubble with the aim of determining if anyone was trapped inside.

Governor JB Pritzker tweeted, “My prayers are with the people of Edwardsville. He will continue to monitor the situation.”

Amazon issued an initial statement on the morning of Saturday, December 11th.
“The safety of our employees and partners is our top priority at this particular time,” said company spokesman Richard Rocha.
“We are evaluating the situation and will soon share additional information when full is available.”

This storm streak caused damage across five states

Those storms left at least 50 people dead in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Three people in western Tennessee were killed in the first storm surge of the night.
The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said two people have died in Lake County, as well as one in Obion County.

The National Weather Service said that this severe weather set the record for the largest tornado outbreak in the month of December in the history of the state of Tennessee in general.

Many trees and power lines were down and down throughout the area.
The storm also caused power outages in a large area across the region.

A large tree also fell during those nighttime storms in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.
Some damage caused by bad weather

Davidson County

Nashville International Airport was also damaged, but in the Philippines there is little, for example, there was damage to the roof, and these crews deal with problems caused by flying debris.
Passengers are also disembarked at Bahrain Airport on the morning of Saturday 11 December, as crews work to clean the area.
The National Weather Service said the agency has recorded winds of about 78 miles per hour, which means it is the third-highest gust of wind ever at the airport.

There was a power outage for six Nashville fire stations, however, firefighters were still responding to calls and this outage did not affect service.

Damage to the county of Cheatham

Severe damage was caused by the hurricane to an electrical shop and approximately ten homes.
Accordingly, a shelter was opened in Harpeth Baptist Church on Butterworth Road as a result of this hurricane.

Wilson County and Hurricane Damage

Many houses were damaged in Mount Juliet, from 60 to 80 houses. Most of the damage was caused by the gravel landing area, which is located on Mount Juliet in the primary area.

Sumnero County and the damage caused to it

The Emergency Management Agency said there was damage to Hendersonville, Gallatin, Keatown, Castalian Springs and Bethpage.
And in Hendersonville, because of the severe hurricane and this bad weather, officials are asking residents to restrict travel and stay home as crews work to clean streets blocked by trees and repair power lines.

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