Hopkins house explosion

Hopkins house explosion, Husband and wife killed
Hopkins house explosion, Husband and wife killed

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Police said an explosion and fire occurred late Wednesday morning, Hopkins house explosion, Husband and wife were killed, and the house was left in charred ruins.

Dale Speiken, Hopkins Fire Chief, said at the site of the explosion near 2nd St. N. and 21st Ave. N.

“Their family is at the scene and works with the clergy,” Spiken added.

There was no immediate word from the Hopkins Police Department about the cause of the blast, which erupted around 10:15 a.m., which shook screens from nearby homes and could be heard 15 blocks away.

Dale Spiken, the fire chief, said two bodies had been pulled from the rubble at separate locations.

Police said the couple were in their 80s, but did not identify the victims who were at home on block 200 of N. 21st Street, near the intersection of the highway. 7 and Shady Oak Road.

Specken said the explosion could have been from a gas device leak, but they won’t know for sure for a few days.

There is no threat to the surrounding area.

Spiken said the house had “completely collapsed,” adding that there was a debris field around the house. One of the victims was found in the northeast corner of the house and the other body was found in the northwest corner.

Spiken said witnesses said they heard the explosion from a distance of 15 buildings.

“It could be anything if any gas appliance is leaking out of anything like they have a gas stove and a water heater oven,” Spiken said.
“It could be anything, and we won’t know until we get there.”

As the department’s spokeswoman, Hopkins Police Department Detective Eliana Wilps said such an event may be unprecedented in Hopkins.

Anyone with a video of the explosion is being asked to send it to Hopkins Police.