Hawaii couple charged

Hawaii couple charged with stealing IDs of dead Texas kids
Hawaii couple charged with stealing IDs of dead Texas kids

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HONOLULU — Hawaii couple charged with stealing IDs of dead Texas kids, A U.S. Defense contractor and his wife, who lived for decades under the identities of two dead Texas children, have been charged with identity theft and conspiring against the government, according to federal court records unsealed in Honolulu.

Walter Glenn Primrose and Gwen Darl Morrison, both in their 60s, who allegedly lived for decades under the names Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lynn Montague, respectively, were arrested in Kabul, Oahu.

Prosecutors are seeking to detain the couple without bail, which may indicate that the case is about more than fraudulently obtaining driver’s licenses, passports and Defense Department credentials.

Assistant US Attorney Thomas Molick said in court papers that these documents helped Primrose obtain classified security clearance from the US Coast Guard and as a defense contractor, and old photos show the couple dressed as the KGB, Russia’s former spy agency.

Blurred Polaroids of each in uniform are embedded in the action for her catch.

Morrison’s lawyer said her client had never lived in Romania and that she and Primrose tried wearing the same jacket as a prank and taking pictures in it.

Even if the couple used new identities, attorney Megan Cao told The Associated Press, they lived a law-abiding life for three decades.

“She wants everyone to know that she is not a spy,” Kao said. “All of this has been blown out of proportion. It is inflating the government.”

Prosecutors said there was a significant risk the couple would escape if they were released.

They also noted that Primrose, who was an electrical technician in the Coast Guard’s avionics, is highly skilled to communicate secretly if he is released.

Molick said he believed the couple had other aliases.

Primrose’s lawyer declined to comment. A bail hearing was scheduled for Thursday in US District Court.

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Kevin O’Grady, a Honolulu defense attorney not involved in the case, said Primrose’s confidential clearance provides access to information “of enormous value to our enemies.”

The Coast Guard works closely with the Army and Navy, assists in counterintelligence and serves as a patrol on the country’s maritime borders, said O’Grady, an Army Reserve soldier and lieutenant colonel.

“The Coast Guard has a unique perspective on our vulnerabilities,” he said, including how to infiltrate the country through water ports.

Hawaii, a major military center, he said, is “a prime target for a lot of espionage and the like.”

For one family whose deceased child’s name was stolen, Wednesday’s news came as a shock.

John Montague, who lost his daughter Julie in 1968 at the age of 3 weeks, was shocked to learn that someone had been living under her name for so long.

“I still can’t believe what happened,” Montague, 91, told the Associated Press.

“Odds are like one in a trillion they find it and use its name. People come down to do anything nowadays. Let the children rest in peace.”

“While he obtained this confidential clearance with the US Coast Guard, Defendant Primrose was required to report any overseas travel,” prosecutors wrote.

“Investigations revealed that defendant Primrose did not report several trips to Canada while he reported other foreign trips.”

The couple lived in a Honolulu suburb in a modest two-bedroom bungalow under palm trees.

Mei Li Chara, who lives next door, said they had a house next door that they rented to members of the military.

She knew them as Bob and Lynn, apparently with Morrison’s middle name.